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The Citizens Flag Alliance is a broad-based, nonpartisan, nonprofit, national organization, which was formed to persuade Congress to pass a constitutional amendment that would return to the American people the right to protect their flag.

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1.26FedEx Driver Breaks Up Flag Burning Protest in Iowa
1.23Oregon Veteran’s Response to Portland Flag Burning
5.2Rick Monday Honored for Rescuing the American Flag at Dodger Stadium
5.11Arizona Man Issues American Flag Challenge

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Frequently asked questions

I have a great deal of trouble with your group telling me that I could go to jail if I take my own money and buy a flag and then burn it. What gives you the right to tell me I can't?

The American people have the right to govern themselves and to pass laws that restrict behavior that is considered dangerous or harmful to our nation. We believe that the..

Let the people decide

The Let the People Decide booklet is a brief collection of information, observations and techniques for use in promoting the flag amendment. A more extensive review of the several topics covered within the booklet can be found elsewhere on the Web site of the Citizens Flag Alliance.


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