One of the fastest growing media formats is “talk radio,” and it gives flag supporters an excellent opportunity to state their message. In fact, there are more than a thousand “talk radio” stations in the United States. Even though your station may not have a talk radio format, chances are they have a public affairs program on which to “talk” the message of flag protection.

If you listen to talk radio and the show is discussing subject(s) that are relevant to flag protection, jump in and give them your message. There are many subjects that you can bridge to with the flag protection message. Use the opportunity to jump into the discussion on such topics as family values; the relationship between Congress and “we the people;” patriotism; or any one of a number of local issues that can be shaped to fit your agenda.

Many of the stations have a period of time devoted to an “open phone,” at which time callers are invited to speak with the talk show host about the topic of his or her own choosing. This is a very simple but effective way of gaining exposure for the flag issue. Study the message points on this website and then talk away. Be assured that even though it appears the cards are stacked against you, there are many, many people “out there” that feel the same way that you do about protecting our national symbol.