The American people overwhelmingly desire an amendment to protect the flag from acts of physical desecration.

Background Information

Just because flag burning is legal, it doesn't make it right. Americans are steadfast in their belief that an amendment to protect the flag will remedy this injustice to our national banner.

In poll after poll, in times of war and peace, in election years and non-election years 75-80 percent of the American people have consistently supported a flag amendment. These polls have been conducted in times when flag burnings have been comparatively frequent, and times when the flag burners have been fairly quiet; the result is always the same - Americans want the flag protected.

We need to pass a flag amendment to send a message that this society needs to start rebuilding a sense of respect, of individual responsibility, of common decency.

There are some responsibilities that go with our individual rights as Americans. A modicum of respect for our flag and all that it represents is a first step in redeeming some of the values this nation has seen erode in the last several decades.

The flag protection amendment has moved closer and closer to passage each year since 1989. We pursue this amendment because the American people demand it.