Chronology: June 1, 2003

The House Judiciary takes up HJR 4 in closed sessions, skipping formal hearings and going right to a mark-up. The proposed amendment is sent to the floor by an 18-13 vote of the Judiciary. On June 3, 2003, the measure is brought to the floor of the House. With the highest vote count in four years, the United States House of Representatives passes House Joint Resolution 4 – the flag protection constitutional amendment – for the fifth consecutive time since the CFA’s campaign began with the 104th Congress. Going to the floor for a vote, the proposed amendment carries 213 official cosponsors. The final tally, 300-125. Support in the Senate remains strong with more than 60 US Senators on record as supporters of the amendment and more than 55 signed on as official cosponsors. CFA throttles up in preparation for a run at the Senate.