Vote or No Vote, The Flag Amendment Renews Americans' Appreciation of Principles, Morals

January 14, 1999 - I recently read that we are in a “post patriotic” period. If this is true, it is truly tragic. Patriotism is the lifeblood of a democracy, yet many think we are bleeding to death. Poll after poll shows that more than 80 percent of us think patriotism is in serious decline. And it is no wonder.

In many schools our children are taught about an America which is racist, sexist, full of bigots, but empty of heroes. We rape, rob, murder and sue our neighbor at alarming rates. We distrust and disrespect our leaders, we don’t vote and we plunder the land. Fewer and fewer are willing to serve in our military. And the greatest symbol, the greatest teaching aid for patriotism, our flag, is now just another rag to be mauled and mutilated, and defecated on with impunity.

Who has not heard patriotism mocked by the elite in the courtrooms, the classrooms, the cloakrooms, and the newsrooms? How many newspapers have headlined a homosexual parade, while ignoring a parade of veterans? One school decided to eliminate Veterans Day as a holiday and replace it with a celebration of the million-man march. Who has not heard these same elitists warn us that we must not legislate morality, or patriotism, and that we must tolerate conduct that our people find evil or offensive?

What do laws do if they don’t promote morality? Our laws must reflect our values. Ultimately, it is our laws that cause people to love America. If we are to survive, we must do all we can to promote patriotism, not only through our laws but by our example. Patriotism is not sentimental flag waving, it is very serious business; and anti-patriotism has cold-blooded, practical consequences.

What can we do to restore patriotism, to enter a period of neo-patriotism? I heard a preacher say: If love is to survive, it must be expressed. He was speaking of human love, but I think that is also the answer to love of country. Patriotism is the objective morality of a people, and if we are to survive we must do patriotic things: vote, be good citizens, serve our country and others, and honor patriots, not just veterans but the many other heroes in our society— teachers, the police, volunteers and above all—parents. And be sure that our children see all this and are taught that service and citizenship are noble things. Oh yes, one more thing: Join the fight to recapture Old Glory.

I can’t think of anything that has done more for patriotism in recent times than the efforts of the Citizens Flag Alliance to return to the people the right to protect our flag. Although the mission focuses on the flag amendment, there has been immeasurable collateral good done for patriotism. Some are spending more to restore one flag than we have spent to restore all flags. Regardless of when we win the flag battle, your labors have produced immeasurable good for America and are worth every dime.

Thanks to your efforts, millions of Americans have been patriotically riled on radio and TV and in countless articles in every newspaper in this land. In debate after debate, they have been educated on the damage done to all of us by those who damage America by wrapping themselves in the First Amendment. And they have been reminded that they, not the courts, own the Constitution.

Service to our youth is the highest form of patriotism and the CFA involved thousands of young people in every state in the union in our essay contest. We asked these young people a simple question: “What does the flag mean to you?” The answers were amazing. Our young people are begging for patriotic leadership. And they do not understand why anyone would scuttle the democratic process and deny them the right to protect their flag.

The Show Your Colors, America! campaign caught a falling flag and brought it back to the schools, the businesses, the streets and the homes of America. It could not help but cause many to stop and reflect on how blessed we are and why.

At reunion after reunion, literally millions of the members of the CFA, the blood and sweat, the muscle and heart of America, were thanked for all they have done and asked to help raise once again a drooping American flag. And in two major debates in our Congress, lawmakers were reminded of the people’s plea on behalf of their flag and the importance of patriotism. Your efforts have brought us from a Congress which had little regard for the right of the people to protect their flag to one in which over 70 percent support us.

It is long past time to smite the anti-patriots and replace post-patriotism with neo-patriotism. Your efforts on behalf of our flag have taken us a long way in that direction.