Will this amendment be the open door to the revocation of all our precious freedoms?

Some people have unfairly raised the specter of banishment of the Fourth Amendment guarantee against unreasonable search and seizure, and the possibility of cruel and unusual punishment, and so forth. This is malarkey. The 16th Amendment that created the income tax was worded in the same format as this amendment. People raised the same objections. To my knowledge, no one has yet been drawn and quartered for income tax evasion, nor have our people been subject to IRS agents routinely invading their homes in the dark of night looking for a second set of financial books.

This amendment will do exactly what it says it will do: return to the people the power to protect their flag from physical desecration. If there were a slippery slope down which our freedoms would slide, they would have slid there years ago when 48 states and the federal government had flag protection laws on the books.